Cutter Sharpening Service

Our quality PP Thornton cutters are very durable and cost-effective to sharpen so that you continue to get the best results.

£35.00 exc VAT



It may not seem like it to you, but you have a talent that is exceptionally rare in this world.

Josh Huether, the young man taking over my production (32 yrs old), was given a Covel OD/ID grinder that is in exceptional shape. He’s doing a job for Dana, a huge corporation, because no one in Columbus Ohio would take the job. A major corporation can’t get a prototype through without the help of a kid in the middle of nowhere working out of a rusty , old, steel building. Your talent,  like his, is so rare that if you did find someone capable of holding 3 microns on that they’d either be just as busy and broke as you are, or they’d be astronomically expensive—–if you could find them.

Typically, words like this make your head swell a bit:  but they don’t make the belly swell. We’re applying our talents to something that doesn’t really pay all that well.

I very much wish I could document the process of you making these. If either of us had the time to pull of such a thing , which we probably don’t, I’d think it would be worth a 10% increase in your prices across the board. As you know, I’ve been at this game a long time now , 33 years.

I have seen a lot of stuff. There is nothing quite like your cutters. I see some end mills that are impressive etc; but amongst this type of cutter, involute or epicycloidal, nothing compares to what you’re doing. I wish you could hear me going off on the people that say they’re “expensive”.

I speed up and raise my voice and go into a rant about the 36 operations, the Colbalt HSS and the finishes that are beyond comprehension. I then, just about yelling, tell them you have to maintain an  inventory at about $ 500,000 so they can buy “one cutter” upon demand —- and you have to pay interest on that inventory too. I so badly wish I could document the process you use and force anyone that say’s they’re expensive to watch it.

-David Lindow, Clockmaker  USA

Your cutters work brilliantly, even in a milling quill that I had to completely make myself.  I am not even an amateur with this stuff, I only set eyes on a Lathe for the first time ever in mid-May.  Thankfully I know your cutters are top-notch and can rely on them as a ‘stable element’ in whatever I do:

Given how clueless I am, consider the above results evidence of how good the cutters are!

– Amateur